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off topic: change is in the air

There are times (or days) when all you want is some dang change. I’ve actually been experiencing this for a few weeks, but I was raised by Republicans to fear and loathe change… so I’ve been kind of stuck.

But friends, today I break the cycle! Behold my shiny new avatar:

penguin-avatarI spent most of the morning pouring over outfits and backgrounds in ways I would never do in real life. Pretty ridiculous all things considered. But as my previous avatar had been in fuzzy slippers, pink blanket and home office for the last two odd years, it was time for a  more representative image and that’s the money question: how do I want to represent myself? 

Too dang many choices out there, people.

Anyhoo,  I chose a “work” environment. The avatar site won’t let me use more than one pet or child at a time (lame!) so I eschewed a home related stage. I selected more work appropriate outfits, but the parka/penguin combo works well since it is FREEZING cold in my office.

So we change, a little bit at at time. Now if I can just convince myself to go crazy and change the blog theme. Big stuff people, big stuff…