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off topic: BSG & Caprica

Just this very morning I decided to do a little housecleaning. No, not my actual home (tho it is in desperate need), but rather the TiVo’s Season Pass list. It, too, was in desperate need – evidenced by the fact that the #1 slot was still Battlestar Gallactica and #2 Stargate: Atlantis.

What can I say, the wheels of my personal bureaucracy grind exquisitely slow.

Bear in mind that this marks the first time in the history of our TiVo that NO SciFi channel series are even on the list, let alone absent from the top 5. Zero. Nada. Zip. Very freaky for us.

So imagine my delight when curiosity prompted me to check this morning  on the status of Caprica. Ladies and gentlemen – we have an air date! Ok, maybe I’m late to the party (wouldn’t be the first time) but hey, at least I didn’t miss it.

caprica2I think I’m the only BSG fan in my immediate vicinity that is at all interested in Caprica. I guess time will tell if I remain that way.

So mark your calendars, nuggets. The battle for humanity has a beginning. And it’s April 21.

Hold the frakin phone!!!

I decided on a  whim to verify the air date and what did I find? That Caprica will not actually air on SciFi. Instead it will be released on DVD and as a digital download. confirms it. Apparently the full series was pushed back to 2010. Very interesting… at least to me.