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wip: Tucker Beta @ sc5

Still working. The rewrite is going pretty well; I’ve already gotten through scene 5 (sc5). The DLD draft had 30 scenes so I’m approximately 1/6 done.


sc1 was stripped, shaved and hosed off. WAY better now. I added a new sc4 – Tucker’s family relationship needed clarification. I expect there will be a couple other spots that get whole new sections. Been doing a lot of cut and paste – keep the stuff that works and fit it in with some new words.  I’m happy with the results so far.

I have to get on track and get signed up for the RWA Golden Heart contest. I need to enter before November 17 but the ms doesn’t need to be there until December 2. Thank heavens for small favors.

Wish me luck!


le sigh

le sigh. The RWA National Conference started Wednesday in San Francisco and everyone is blogging about it and I am sad because I wasn’t able to go this year. But no Fairy Godmother showed up with magic registration and hotel and transportation fees and paid time off of work and a live-in sitter to make the hubbin’s life easier while I abandon my family for four days of frivolity hard work and career building.


le sigh. Next year. Definitely. Because next year I intend to have:

a)      at least one completed ms to hawk (preferably two)

b)      an ms as a finalist in the Golden Heart Awards

c)      an editor(s) panting to sign me because of my stunning works (see above)

d)      all of the above


And how goes the WIP you ask? Not fast. I did about 100 words (yeah I know) last week. Looks like I won’t be meeting my self-imposed arbitrary deadline to have the DLD draft done by July 31 so I can retool and have a beta to send out to my taste testers by August 31. LE SIGH.


BUT, for my birthday I am getting a “mental health” weekend next weekend. After work is over next Friday I will abandon my family for a hotel and blissful solitude until Sunday. With any luck I won’t just wallow in the silence but get some actual work done.


Wish me luck.

exercise #1

In order to grasp the full extent of the road behind me I decided to go through my files and see what litter I’ve produced thus far. What I found wasn’t pretty.


Are you a writer or, like me, a wannbe? You should play along at home, for shits and giggles if nothing else.


I went through my archives and found 8 manuscripts that actually made it past the idea stage, several ideas that that were no more than a few lines, and several things I had totally forgotten about.


I get so excited by a new idea that I just have to get it out on paper (or screen as the case is in this day and age) that I totally abandon whatever I was working on before. Oh at the time I don’t consider it abandonment; no rather I am just “taking a break” and exploring a new option before I lose it. Well, we all know what happened when Ross and Rachel “took a break”.


Behold! My Walk of Shame:

·        TUCKER :: 12,756 words to date :: last updated 05/02/08 :: target 60-65k words

·        PENELOPE :: 21,956 words to date :: last updated 01/15/08 :: target 60-65k words

·        FAITH :: 836 words to date :: last updated 11/18/07 :: target ??

·        JANE :: 306 words to date :: last updated 06/14/07 :: target ??

·        GIDGET :: 3,031 words to date :: last updated 06/14/07 :: target ??

·        BETH :: 1,845 words to date :: last updated 06/14/07 :: target ??

·        CAIRINE :: 6,329 words to date :: last updated 06/14/07 :: target 20-25k words

·        GRACE :: 2,908 words to date :: last updated 06/14/07 :: target ??


The list is in order of youngest to oldest – as best it can be. Apparently 06/14/07 is when I pulled my archives off of my Mac PowerBook and onto my jump drive so that I could work on them more freely. You see how well that’s gone for me.


Also I don’t have a target word count for many of them, reason being I keep changing my mind. The target of 60-65k is for the market I’ve decided will become my bread and butter: Category Romance. Yes they tend to have truly silly covers and even trulier sillier titles but because they publish such as huge number of titles per month the publishers are more willing to take chances on new authors. Or at least, this is my most desperate hope fueled by the sage advice of those in the know I have come across as a member of the RWA.


Most embarrassing from the list above is CAIRINE. I actually was lucky enough to get an editor appointment at the Dallas RWA Conference in 2004 and the editor actually wanted to see it. For whatever reason (mostly because I’m a moron) I never finished it and got it to her. WTF???


Right now all of the titles are simply the heroine’s name. I found it easier to tag them that way after my first title for GRACE was smacked down. GRACE had the working title The Care and Feeding of Bryans. Then Dr. Laura had to muck it up with her book of a very similar title. Besides, from what I hear there is a secret machine at Harlequin that produces titles based on marketing strategy and since that is where I have set my lofty sights and I am going to worry only about FINISHNG a book and sending it.


So that’s it. My not so secret shame. Damn. I got to get writing.

keep moving forward

We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
                                             Walt Disney


Day to day life is tough enough without obsessing about every pothole you hit on the road behind you. Sure, I’ve not managed to complete one of the many manuscripts I’ve started over the years; but that doesn’t mean that I can’t pull my shit together and do it now.

About 8 or 9 years ago my best friend turned to me and said, “I’ve decided I will write books for a living – I hear Romance is an easy market to break into. But I’ve never read one.” I assured her it could hardly be rocket science and lent her some of my most very favorite books as reference.

She screamed in horror. But she didn’t run away. (Some of the old skool bodice rippers require a strong constitution.)

After several years of false starts and numerous sub-genre shifts she has completed two full length manuscripts and published one novella.

Now it’s my turn.

Most writers love to read, but not all readers have an itch to write. I got the itch. I’ve been scratching it absently for the last 6 years with at least a dozen ideas in storage, 4 or 5 started manuscripts in varying stages of completion, 3 RWA Conferences under my belt, and a strong desire to prove – finally – that I can do this.

So I’ve picked up yet another idea and I’m running with it. Shall we see where the path leads us?