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off topic: the simple truth

PvPonline 12.10.2008

PvPonline 12.10.2008

This may warrant some explanation.

 PvPonline is a webcomic following the antics of a magazine staff that reviews (mostly) video games. You will resonate on new levels with this illustrated slice of life if at any point in your journey you have been:

  • a gamer (video, table, LARP, et al)
  • the significant other of a gamer (see above) and/or WarCrack Widow
  • a comic nut
  • a sci-fi/fantasy geek(ette)
  • all of the above

Also, I love me some Muppets. Above all Rowlf the Dog. Perhaps my most favortite line of dialog in a movie EVER:

I go home, have a beer, take myself for a walk and go to bed.


We should all be so blessed.