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wip: Tucker @ 21,272

I have now crested over the 1/3 mark. I would do the Snoopy dance but I’m exhausted. The scene I just finished is pretty intense and got my adrenaline up. Stick a fork in me – I’m done.


Good thing my day job is nearly over.


wip: Tucker @ 15,209

So I snuck some writing in yesterday afternoon. Not a lot, but more is more in this case. I was on a roll but then I had to break to do some work. I mean seriously – what do these people think they’re paying me to do?? Oh, yeah. WORK.


Ah well. I didn’t finish the scene. Hopefully today. After I clock some time on the day job, natch.


It also doesn’t help that I picked up the new Nora Roberts book yesterday so my reflex is to drop everything and read it from cover to cover in one sitting. As a working mother of two, this I cannot do anymore (though not for lack of trying).


My writing partner thinks it too distracting to read someone else’s work while trying to create your own, but I find that it helps me avoid ugly pitfalls like “he said” and “she said” and explore new ways to craft a sentence so everything doesn’t start to sound repetitive. Of course, you have to be wary of the ugly UGLY pitfall of starting to sound like who you’re reading – but that just spices up the process, don’t you think?


This time I’m pursuing this project in a totally alien fashion me – “Don’t Look Down” style. Jenny Crusie refers to her first drafts as the Don’t Look Down drafts – she just writes and collages, keeps moving forward until she hits the end. It may not be pretty on first pass, but the framework is there and she can go back and finesse until her heart’s content.


Generally, that’s not my bag. I like lists and charts and bullet points. Order. As you can see below, that hasn’t gotten me very far in the past. I always try to plan things down to the last detail and then I lose interest in the actual writing. So this time out I’ve decided to try the Crusie method. So far, so good.


Actually I’m finding this approach is not unlike oil painting: you sketch, you block in the underpainting, then you go back in with color and light and texture to bring the painting to life.


Hopefully (fingers crossed) I turn out to be a better writer than I was a painter.

no rest for the wicked…

… but maybe a little nap.

For Mother’s Day my luvin’ hubbin wrangled our progeny downstairs and let me sleep until noon. It would have been blissful if I hadn’t been plagued by anxiety dreams that kept telling me I really needed to be awake because there was something I was missing. Oi.

So the reasons I get no writing done on the weekends are named Evie (3 1/2) and John (1 1/2). Sometimes Dan (33). The man and I both work full time and he commutes 150 miles round trip every day. Our mothers are both saving us $800 a month in daycare for the boy so our day starts at 5 a.m. and we don’t get home until 8:30 p.m. on average. It’s even more brutal than it sounds. It also means weekends are for cleaning and laundry and remembering we’re a family.

Luckily I landed myself a nice mellow job where I can sit in my car and read at lunch and actual get some writing in during the latter parts of the week. Mental health breaks. Very exciting stuff.

So today is my busy day at said day job. No writing. Hopefully tomorrow, but more likely Wednesday.

Like the turtle – slow and steady wins the race.