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collage – beta reduex

Ok. I came home and futzed with this instead of the actual words. Oi.

I am so very happy with this one. It’s a keeper! The black bar, you ask? That’s the space my menu bar takes up on my desktop. It was irritating me to have my pictures cut off by it so I inserted a spacer, if you will. Pretty damn ingenious, no?

OK. Onward to actual writing. I swear.


collage – the beta version

In anticipation of finally dragging my ass over the finish line on the DLD draft, I decided to revamp the collage JB put together for me. It was something I could do at work, would not make me all verklempt, and had the bonus of getting me to really thinking about what images really represented where the story has gone and how I want to refine it.

So here is the rough that I did in MS Word at the office:


And here’s the Photoshop version:










This is by no means the finished product. I have a couple photos that need to be swapped out since I found ones I like better. But essentially this is a good representation of whats in my head.

Collage. Huh. Who knew?

collage- I’m a believer

My writing partner JB is a multi-talented woman who, among other things, mucks around in Photoshop for fun. I don’t go near Photoshop unless I’m being held at gunpoint. At any rate, she started putting together collages for her Works in Progress.


Naturally, I was jealous. Her efforts are so frakin’ awesome. So I whined until she did one for me for Tucker:




I had her make it to fit my desktop (1280×1024 pixels) so that it’s always right there, lurking on my screen. I love it. This isn’t the final by any stretch, but that’s the great thing about using a digital image – we can tweak it, move and remove things and not rip any actual pictures.


My kids are bummed because they got bumped. But one day, when mommy is very famous they will understand. I hope.