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What Happens In Fight Club…


an attention-deficient squirrel on PCP

Ok, nothing profound from me today. Quell surprise!

I am actually working diligently (not at work mind you…) on a couple of projects – yes, one of them is even actual honest to dog writing. Very heady stuff, folks. So rather than blather on about something that is not yet blather-worthy, I instead present you with this:

This is why I’ll never be an adult.

Even though I have never personally met this Allie character, I’m quite certain she had a firm picture of me in mind when she created this most awesome portrait of my life.


true blue comedy

So I was poking around on Margot’s blog (the GotYA contestant who’s rockin entry totally usurped my prize won) and found this succinct review of Avatar, a movie I haven’t bothered to see.

I’m still cleaning up the mess from spitting water all over my computer. My favorite line:

Jake’s Twin Brother: It’s awesome how I was never mentioned again.

some days…

Some days you’re the cat, some days you’re the mouse.

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Pure awesome.

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This never fails to make me happy.

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