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off topic: my daughter is a juvenile delinquent

We interrupt the regular programing to bring you this inconsequential bulletin:

Tonight the part of Juvenile Delinquent will be played by The Girl, age 5

So it’s Wednesday. 3 days into the regular school week. I’ve had 4 reports of misbehavior on my daughter from school. FOUR.

#1 Screeching like a banshee for fun in the girl’s bathroom resulting in her not being able to go out on the playground with the other kids

#2 & 3 General inability to sit still and feign interest in learning during class 2 days in a row resulting in her star being turned backwards 2 days in a row (this is apparently the new “name on the board” that I remember well since it happened to me quite often… but I digress)

#4 Finding a marker on the floor and coming up with the brilliant idea to tag said floor instead of return the marker to its proper spot resulting in a written behavior report that will go into her permanent record or something

Seriously? She’s 5. If she keeps this up, what is she going to come up with she’s 12? Don’t tell me… I don’t have enough Merlot in the house for that.

After Monday’s incident (#1) in the car on the way home she tells me she wants to write her teacher a letter. I ask, naively thinking she wants to apologize, what she wants to write. She tells me, and I quote, “I want to tell Mrs. P that she RUINED my life by not letting play outside ever again.”

Words fail me.

At least after today’s transgression (#4) she told me she wanted to write Mrs. P a letter… to apologize. Maybe there’s hope for us. I’m not holding my breath.


Blake Snyder 1957-2009

Blake Snyder’s website has announced the Blake passed away this morning  Tuesday August 4th from cardiac arrest pulimary embolism.

I can’t really even begin to process this news. I just stopped by his blog literally after writing the previous post to insert the link… I am stunned.

I had the good fortune to take his 2 day workshop this last March. I learned SO much, from both Blake and my fellow students. One of the most prominent things I took from the experience was that writing isn’t rocket science, but you do have to LOVE what you’re doing or it won’t quite work. Watching Blake for those two days, I can tell you truly no one loved their job more than he did. It was, and still is, inspiring to me.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. If I am feeling the loss of him after only being a fan of his books and spending sixteen hours with him, I can only imagine what they are going through.

Blake will be sorely missed.

ETA: I’m sorry, it was just pointed out to me that Blake passed on August 4th, not today.

coming soon… maybe

So on my way to pick up my rugrats after work I had (imo) a brilliant idea on how to restructure this here blog. After picking up said rugrats, gassing up the Falcon, running the Falcon through the carwash to the absolute delight of previously mentioned rugrats, feeding the familial horde gussied-up box mac’n’chz, and knocking back a half box of wine… I’ve totally lost that initial brilliant spark.

Perhaps it will come back to me over a sturdy lunch of Lean Pockets today.

off topic: Alone Time Is The New Heroine

The hubbin has never hit me with the car… but our marriage is young yet.

Confessions of a Semi-Happy Wife

off topic: anti-new year’s resolution

res-o-lu-tion (noun) – the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.

Welcome to 2009. So far, so good. Of course, we’re only seven days in.

And for those last seven days everyone’s been yapping about their New Year’s resolutions, all that junk that they want to do or think they should do… but never actually do. I’ve made more than my fair share of unrealized resolutions over the years. What a depressing affair: make a promise to yourself that you cannot or will not end up keeping.

So in 2009 I will not make empty resolutions to lose weight, get fit, clean my house, win an Academy Award or any other such nonsense I’ve loaded on my shoulders in the past. Instead I will simply live my life; get up, take care of my family, go to work, pick up my kids, have some dinner and maybe get some stuff done when I have a few minutes to spare.

Don’t get me wrong, I have actual goals. This blog exists because of those goals. But I’ve been slapped by reality one too many times by setting arbitrary deadlines for them, causing distress and depression because I end up focusing on the negative aspect of a project and consider it “failed”.

The reality is I should be celebrating the fact that I am actually rolling, not gathering moss,  that each attempt gets me just a little bit farther. And that, people, is kind of the point. Even small steps get you places, they just don’t do it as fast or spectacularly.

Join me in stopping the cycle of self-abuse! Down with resolutions! Carpe diem and other platitudes!

And don’t forget to keep moving forward.