narcissism |ˈnärsəˌsizəm|

• (Psychology) extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

• (Psychoanalysis) self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.

Yup. Sounds about right.

I reside in Southern California (LA adjacent) with my husband, 2 kids (3 if you count the husband), and 1.33 cats. I like cheap wine and expensive handbags and prefer the comfort of my own living room to traveling the world. Which is good, because between the kids and the handbags, travel is rarely an option.

I have a full-time dayjob so that I can afford the cost of daycare (necessary because I work full-time – yeah, the math doesn’t work for me either) and what little is left over goes to appease the mortgage monster.

When I’m not playing at being a responsible adult, worshiping at the alter of Kate Spade, or hiding from my children, I fancy myself a writer of fiction. In fact, this blog came into existence as a way to publicly shame myself into finishing projects rather than starting them and wandering away at the first sign of something shiny. Mmmmmm, shiny…. but I digress. As public shame has clearly failed to hold me accountable, I’ve decided to move to a… softer focus, shall we say.

Play along, won’t you?


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