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So, you may have noticed a couple of changes. Or not. New theme and title. Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery.

Speaking of scenery changes, I’ve made a couple of major decisions regarding Tucker:

  1. I’m swapping coasts. This is huge. Originally Tucker’s adopted homeport was Los Angeles with the bulk of the book taking place in the family seat of Boston. But I’ve never been to Boston and it made the writing… kind of tough suck. So I’m swapping the family seat to Los Angeles, Beverly Hills to be more exact. And oh lord, the ideas… they came rolling in. And I can already feel the tone of the book lightening. Such a relief.
  2. I’ve decided (well, my writing partner JB cast the deciding vote, really) that Tucker and Josh will not share a sordid past that they must overcome to reconnect. Instead they will be strangers in a strange land. It was the way I originally conceived it, but in the interest of “uncomplicating” things I gave them a past which immediately overcomplicated everything. So, back to the beginning.

I cannot wait to start tearing this puppy down and rebuilding it. And then (gasp) sending it out. And then ((shivers)) selling it. Keep your fingers crossed.

In other news my 5 year old rolled into my room around 7 am declaring it was time to be awake. I told her to go turn the TV on and leave me alone. And she did. Oh glorious day! I am *thisclose* to Saturday morning sleep in, I can almost taste it. It won’t be long now until she hooks both herself and her 3 year old brother up with cereal and cartoons… now if I could just get my husband on board with this program I could re-embrace the lazy life I lost 5 years ago.

I finally convinced JB to pull out a YA story she’d been sitting on for forever. We hammered out the plot basics on the way home from the Reno RWA National Conference in – holy crap! That was 2005! I told you it’d been forever. Anyhoo, she dug it out and dusted it off and the thing is begging to be written. The “notes” are pretty much a blow by blow outline and all she needs to do is fill in the prose. Easier said than done, I get that. But I’m not letting her put it away this time.

I’ve got 4, yes four, WIP folders sitting in my dock, staring at me accusingly. Why are they angry? Because I’m about to add another one. Yeah. I told you I was more of a starter than a finisher right? The new idea is amazing, though. Of course they all are at this stage. Then they get docked and ignored. Sigh. It’s rough to be a WIP in my life.



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