Revision: Week Zero

Week Zero? How can that be, you cry! Well, it’s orientation, that’s how.

Monday night a bunch of us desperate eager to follow in Lani Diane Rich’s publishing footsteps attended our orientation session at WiZiQ where the actual class meetings will be held. It’s a pretty cool set up and I, for one, am very happy there was a pre-class meeting to hammer out technical difficulties (when in doubt, reboot!).

So next Monday, January 18 I will officially begin the process of finding out if Tucker is saveable. If not, I’ll be sad but statistics lean that way anyway. (“They” say that most first manuscripts never see the ink of print. I can live with that.) It will be interesting to see what shape old Tucker’s in – I haven’t looked at it much since I finished it lo these million moons ago. According to date stamps on the loose files I’ve been collecting, I tinkered with the opening somewhere in the neighborhood of last June. Oi. The main thing I need to resolve here is this: do Tucker and Josh have a past together or not prior to the opening image? I cannot make up my mind to save the life of me.

Ah, well. That’s why I’m paying the big bucks for professional assitance, right? Right…?

ETA: I just officially move my Tucker folder from The Morgue folder into my Documents folder. Stand back! I’m on a roll…

ETA2: Five year olds are awesome. Mine just got herself out of bed, on the potty and dressed all without my assistance. Of course, yesterday she tried to sneak a nuclear warhead in her Tinkerbell backpack into school for a private show and tell summit with her fellow future ELE-ers… but that’s a different story altogether.


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