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The squirrels! They are EVERYWHERE!



hi there.

Dug models the Cone of Shame

Dug models the Cone of Shame

Once again I’ve changed the name of this here vanity project. Somehow “inertia” wasn’t quite cutting it… a wee too self-fulfilling perhaps?

And so, behold: Squirrel!

WTF? You ask. She’s gone round the bend again, you think. Au contraire. Allow me to digress…

Took the nubbins to see Pixar’s Up last weekend and was completely blown away. Best thing they’ve put out since The Incredibles. My buddy Stu will (and has) argue this is the best Pixar to date. But he also liked Cars more than The Incredibles and that’s just wroooong… and not on point.

What is on point is that I get distracted. VERY EASILY. You may or may not have noticed that small character flaw. And yet, like Dug the Dog – my new hero – my heart is in the right place. I want to finish the mission and be accepted by a pack of my peers, preferably with applause and ovations and treats. But I must accept that wiley squirrels lurk, striking when least expected, setting me up for rounds with the Cone of Shame. And that’s ok. As long as I get back on track.

And keep moving forward.

coming soon… maybe

So on my way to pick up my rugrats after work I had (imo) a brilliant idea on how to restructure this here blog. After picking up said rugrats, gassing up the Falcon, running the Falcon through the carwash to the absolute delight of previously mentioned rugrats, feeding the familial horde gussied-up box mac’n’chz, and knocking back a half box of wine… I’ve totally lost that initial brilliant spark.

Perhaps it will come back to me over a sturdy lunch of Lean Pockets today.