off topic: the first one’s free, little girl

So last week I’m cruising the blogroll and stop in at SBTB HQ where I find a link for a free e-book from Samhain Publishing. Cool.

As I hinted previously, I’ve got me some new addictions that keep straying me off course from my actual day job and current WIP (and yes, I’ve changed the project AGAIN – simmer down, it’s all good this time. Trust me). One of those is Kindle for iPhone. No, I’ve not joined the iPhone feeding frenzy but I do have an iPod Touch… next best thing.

So I’m still trying to decide if I even *like* Kindle on my iPod. Then I see the link for a free e-book and I think to myself, “Self – nuttin beats free.” So I linked and loaded Frank Tuttle’s Dead Man’s Rain.

DMROh. My. God. Seriously, go out and BUY this book! It’s fantastic. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a maiden voyage with a new author quite so much as I did this. In fact, Jenny Crusie’s Fast Women was probably the last one. (ETA: Lani Diane Rich’s A Little Ray of Sunshine. Get it. You won’t be sorry.)

It’s a fantasy setting, but not of your typical LotR and its ilk. I’d say it’s more akin to a Steven Brust’s Vlad Taltos series. And let’s be clear – I haven’t read sci-fi/fantasy in many, many moons. I was even a little concerned when I realized that’s where Dead Man’s Rain was headed. 

Turns out, the world building is one of the things that tickled me most.

And not that it’s a radically new setting that I’ve never seen before. What truly caught me was the deft parceling out of bits and pieces as I needed them. Not long, drawn out, boring pages of why this world from the author’s head is so sooper kewl – stuff like that is what made me gradually stop shopping the SF/F aisle in the first place. Oh yeah – there’s plot and charcters and dialog, too. Seriously this thing has it all.

Anyhoo, I finished Dead Man’s Rain today at lunch and immediately fired up my Kindle app and loaded the two other Tuttle offerings – with cash money.

Go forth to Kindle, be a lemming with me! This cliff’s a helluva ride.


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