off topic: My Lubbin Hubbin

Season 5

Season 5

The Closer season premiere was Monday, something I’ve very much been looking forward to. My hubbin stopped on his way home and picked up Hostess Cupcakes to celebrate (he would have gotten Brenda’s Ding-Dongs but the store was out).

See? Proof of his love por moi.


The Pink Trench of Love

First things first: how about that seriously awesome pink trench?? I MUST have one!

Looks like the Gabriel/Daniels situation has been resolved by losing Daniels. Too bad. She had one of the best lines in Season 1:

(to Sanchez) You have to be *this tall* to ride my ride.

And speaking of Sanchez… they are really giving him room to grow recently and it’s fantastic. One of the things that draws me back to this show is how well developed ALL the characters are and how they never seem to run out of material for them. Especially Provenza and Flynn. Of course, Tao continues to be my personal fav.

So go out and get a box of Ding-Dongs and set the TiVo. Brenda’s Boys are back on the scene, y’all!


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