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wip: Anybody home?

Yep. Still here. Actually getting a bit of writing done each day. Well, not actual writing so much as sketches and thoughts for the writing to come rather than fully fleshed scenes. But this stuff is important, too.

Several weeks ago JB casually mentioned our growing need for a central meeting place; the haphazardly emailed notes and documents going back and forth was getting out of hand. So I ran right over to WordPress and set up a private blog where the two of us could jot notes and sketches and – most importantly – organize the whole mess.

It’s turned out to be a lifesaver. Being able to tag and categorize the posts has opened whole new worlds of organization that make my (not so) inner adminstrative nazi squeel in glee. I suggest strongly if you are writing with a partner you try something like this. Jenny Crusie often mentions Campfire (i think this is it) and I’m sure there’s a lot of similar options. I chose a blog because it was 1) FREE and 2) I was familiar with the mechanics from my freshman forays here.

Anyhoo. Just wanted to say, “Hey, I’m still out here.” And moving forward to boot.


off topic:

Jenny Crusie directed her alcolytes here, and like an obedient lemming I headed for the cliff. It’s times like this I wish I’d finished my illustration degree.

Areilles Kiss by sternindernacht

Areilles Kiss by sternindernacht