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off topic: an ode to Bones


Back in the Scooby-tastic Buffy glory days of yore, Angel (and by extension David Boreanaz) was not my latte of choice. Xander was my main man and Spike, lovely Spike, my main vampire (until of course Joss let the teenaged girls take the writer’s room wheel while he was off birthing Firefly – but I digress).


Angel spun off to LA in a convertible and I showed up occasionally out of curiosity but didn’t stick around for much after the first few episodes. For me Angel was always too broody and adolescent girl dark hero stereotypical and I couldn’t fathom a good reason to watch a whole show full of that. I’m told I missed most of the fun.


So when David Boreanaz popped up on Bones, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention. I have a terrible tendency to pigeonhole actors within the roles that stick most firmly in my mind. As a former early devotee of a show he was instrumental in establishing (I have his action figure, for pity’s sake) I was happy to see him getting work but I didn’t feel at the time that the show was something that would interest me.


Boy was I off the mark.


bones-21In my late night journeys for something to fall asleep to, I’d come across Bones in syndication on TNT. Didn’t pay much attention to it until recently. Then for some reason I sat and watched an entire episode. Then another. And another. I love cable. So I told the TiVo to fetch which led to sending the hubbin out for season 1 on DVD last week. Last night, I picked up season 2. I love DVD.


Previously I let the set up, the casting, and the SciFi worthy lab toys turn me off. I mocked my dad for watching it. When oh when will I learn my lesson? First House, then Bones, and now NCIS. I bow to dad’s wisdom and follow obediently in his footsteps. Anyhoo.


bones-3The writing is a great deal of fun and more importantly strong. The cases are interesting and the why-dunnit plots make sense. I have a weakness for team based shows that explore the dynamics of why they work – and why sometimes they don’t. Bones does not disappoint. But in particular the pairing of Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel is crucial the ying yang set up of their characters – he is the wildcard intuitive and she is the stubbornly logical (a nice flipside, btw, to the more traditional male/female character archetypes). They make an excellent duo and their chemistry is dead on. IMHO, a lot of that is due to Boreanaz.


One of the things I appreciate most is that Boreanaz is very charming. His Booth character is fun and gets to dance around and poke mostly gentle sticks at the more grounded Bones character. But the powers that be have decided to not mire him in that dimension. Every now and again he gets a chance to pull out the dark, broody Angel within. There’s a moment in season 1 at the end of The Woman in the Garden in particular that gives me the happy shivers. And that contrast makes for a really amazing watch. I am now addicted. And happily so.


So Mr. Boreanaz – fly, be free. I’ve got you tagged with a tracker so I can keep up.

off topic: BSG & Caprica

Just this very morning I decided to do a little housecleaning. No, not my actual home (tho it is in desperate need), but rather the TiVo’s Season Pass list. It, too, was in desperate need – evidenced by the fact that the #1 slot was still Battlestar Gallactica and #2 Stargate: Atlantis.

What can I say, the wheels of my personal bureaucracy grind exquisitely slow.

Bear in mind that this marks the first time in the history of our TiVo that NO SciFi channel series are even on the list, let alone absent from the top 5. Zero. Nada. Zip. Very freaky for us.

So imagine my delight when curiosity prompted me to check this morning  on the status of Caprica. Ladies and gentlemen – we have an air date! Ok, maybe I’m late to the party (wouldn’t be the first time) but hey, at least I didn’t miss it.

caprica2I think I’m the only BSG fan in my immediate vicinity that is at all interested in Caprica. I guess time will tell if I remain that way.

So mark your calendars, nuggets. The battle for humanity has a beginning. And it’s April 21.

Hold the frakin phone!!!

I decided on a  whim to verify the air date and what did I find? That Caprica will not actually air on SciFi. Instead it will be released on DVD and as a digital download. confirms it. Apparently the full series was pushed back to 2010. Very interesting… at least to me.

wip: navel gazing

Over at SBTB HQ, Sarah and Candy often refer to moments of personal reflection as “navel gazing” – generally with hilarious results. This morning I find myself inflicted with this condition – generally without hilarious results.

I last posted about the BS2 Workshop I attended, and while I am still very enthusiastic I find myself stalled in the project. Unfortunately, this is typical for me. When I reach a certain point in the writing process which demands more logical reasoning than “Hey! Wouldn’t it be funny if they said/did this?” I tend to stall out. Because I don’t want the project to suck ass and yet that’s what I’m terrified has already happened. So I tell myself that I am “percolating” or “brainstorming” or some other such nonsense. And eventually I never get back to the WIP. A tragic yet true story.

Why do you care? Maybe you don’t and that’s cool. But since I set this blog up to track my progress through various writing projects, the information seemed relevant.

I’d really thought that once I attended the workshop, I would be able to pull a fully finished and polished screenplay out of my butt within a week or so. Ha! Not so much. Because while the workshop helped to identify a core defect very early in the process (location! location! location!) so many more questions were raised in the solving of that one problem. So now we have to seriously look at our heroines (there are 3) and possibly change (again) who the true protagonist is. And while it’s all for the good of creating a saleable product (cuz really, that’s the ultimate goal – I have other ways to entertain myself that require much less brain power), it’s a lot of work. And I find that I have trouble getting the old motivation motoring forward most times.

So coming back ’round to the Smart Bitches, I always find that when I check out their site I desperately want to go back and finish the Tucker beta (which I abandoned to tackle the screenplay). But I also want to finish the screenplay. Welcome tonavel gazing limbo land!

But on the SBTB site I found that they had a spot on NPR’s All Things Considered this past weekend. That is so highbrow! And very exciting. Their book is officially out this week and apparently going like hotcakes at my daughter’s daycare and I couldn’t be happier for them. And in clicking around the article I found the Old Skool vs.New Skool Romance Flowchart. It gave me something to smile about today. Check it out. It’s totally worth the brain twist.

And here’s to hoping I can overcome this funk-rut sometime soon and get back to my pending million dollar writing career. Gotta be positive, right?