friday musings

It’s March and in Southern California that means it’s beach weather again. As such I decided to update the old avatar:

avatar-tealWhen I dig through my closet I find that I have a disproportionately large amount of teal colored items, so this particular outfit naturally caught my eye. I love the little sandals – I’m going to need to hunt some of my very own.

I love Yahoo! Avatars. They’re basically electronic paper dolls – one of my most favorite pastimes as a kid.

Oh, and I just registered First Daughter for kindergarten. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that she’s old enough to be in “real” school now. Freaky.

Ok. Onto actual stuff stuff.

Am making good progress with the screenplay. I’ve a little more than the first third blocked in and I feel confident I’ll be able to block in the rest before next weekend. (Fingers crossed!) My writing partner is on a family roadtrip until next Tuesday (curses!) but thankfully has access to email so I’m not totally alone out here. Whew.

Anyhoo, the writing has been really fun so far. This is the most fun I’ve had writing to date, so I’m tempted to believe the material has a great deal to do with it. What is it I’m penning, you ask? A screenplay that I think falls into the “Dude With a Problem” genre. WTH genre is that, you ask? Find out here.

But what’s it about, you demand? Well think Charlie’s Angels meets The Incredibles. Here’s the working logline:

Fifteen years ago they were their nation’s deadliest weapon; today they have carpool.  A soccer mom, a college professor and a small-time newscaster are called out of retirement to help their former boss recover a team of rogue covert agents he misplaced. 

In theory it will be an action/comedy, a la Die Hard. Hopefully that will be the actual result.

Time to get back to it. Cuz that workshop I keep yapping about? Taught by the guy who wrote the book. Yep. Oi.


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