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off topic: the simple truth

PvPonline 12.10.2008

PvPonline 12.10.2008

This may warrant some explanation.

 PvPonline is a webcomic following the antics of a magazine staff that reviews (mostly) video games. You will resonate on new levels with this illustrated slice of life if at any point in your journey you have been:

  • a gamer (video, table, LARP, et al)
  • the significant other of a gamer (see above) and/or WarCrack Widow
  • a comic nut
  • a sci-fi/fantasy geek(ette)
  • all of the above

Also, I love me some Muppets. Above all Rowlf the Dog. Perhaps my most favortite line of dialog in a movie EVER:

I go home, have a beer, take myself for a walk and go to bed.


We should all be so blessed.



So, after lo these many, many, many days of not updating this blog, I log back in to add an RSS feed (see ‘Bad Mommy’ on the right – hilarious) I find that WordPress decided to get all fancy and change some stuff. Looks good, but took me a bit to figure out where everything got moved to.

Ask my hubbin, I’m not a big fan of change.

Anyhoo. I’ve totally fallen off the writing wagon and am wallowing in the wheel ruts of getting not a damn thing done. Started lots o’ projects, but about the only ‘real’ work I’m getting done is the random post on someone else’s blog (oops) and I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to advance me very far into a writing career.

Actually, I’ve been spending my copious spare time taking the H&R Block tax preparation course, thinking to pick up some extra cash this coming tax season. I’ve finally graduated – YAY – but apparently will not be working for said firm – BOO – because of a snafu in getting an interview scheduled. I’m way bummed. And not a little pissed, too.

Ah well. I am trying to look at it as the universe’s way of saying I have too much going on and I need better focus. So, back to my stories then. Wish me luck.

Start moving forward again…

off topic: it just don’t get better than this

Yes, it’s a big ass link. But well worth the click.