Ding dong the wicked WIP is DONE!


Yesterday at approximately 3:41 pm PST I sent the final scene to my writing partner. And then my brain, it clicked off. I’ve been trying to jump start it with LOLcats and Badass of the Week but mostly they just make me snort hot coffee through my nose.

Doesn’t matter, cuz I’m DONE. (in case I hadn’t mentioned that earlier 😉 )

Now you might be wondering what I mean by “done”. Is it editor ready? PAH! Gods no! By “done” I mean that I have the basic story from start to finish. Now the front end has to be TOTALLY reworked to match the back end, but that’s the part I actually enjoy. I’m going to give myself a few days off, let the MS cool like cake fresh from the oven and then go back for a crumb coat and then the real frosting. Yum.

But I have a deadline. The RWA Golden Heart Contest is right around the corner (Registration begins Sep 22 and MS has to be in RWA’s hot little hands by Nov 2) and I still have to clean this puppy up (enter Beta version) and get it read (enter Beta testers). So lots to do.

But I’m DONE! Sort of…


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