le sigh

le sigh. The RWA National Conference started Wednesday in San Francisco and everyone is blogging about it and I am sad because I wasn’t able to go this year. But no Fairy Godmother showed up with magic registration and hotel and transportation fees and paid time off of work and a live-in sitter to make the hubbin’s life easier while I abandon my family for four days of frivolity hard work and career building.


le sigh. Next year. Definitely. Because next year I intend to have:

a)      at least one completed ms to hawk (preferably two)

b)      an ms as a finalist in the Golden Heart Awards

c)      an editor(s) panting to sign me because of my stunning works (see above)

d)      all of the above


And how goes the WIP you ask? Not fast. I did about 100 words (yeah I know) last week. Looks like I won’t be meeting my self-imposed arbitrary deadline to have the DLD draft done by July 31 so I can retool and have a beta to send out to my taste testers by August 31. LE SIGH.


BUT, for my birthday I am getting a “mental health” weekend next weekend. After work is over next Friday I will abandon my family for a hotel and blissful solitude until Sunday. With any luck I won’t just wallow in the silence but get some actual work done.


Wish me luck.


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