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off topic: serenity prayer

I find myself more and more often flinging the Serenity Prayer at my lubbin hubbin, trying in vain to convince him relax and blow off the irritation of some fairly irritating coworkers.

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

I’ve always liked the Serenity Prayer. Except for that god stuff. I’m an atheist and don’t hold much with that god stuff – but hey, to each his or her own.

Anyhoo. Gotta love Wikipedia. Not only did I find the most common recitation but some key alternates. Latin:

Deus, dona mihi serenitatem accipere res quae non possum mutare
Fortitudinem mutare res quae possum
Aatque sapientiam differentiam cognoscere

The Latin is key because the hubbin was raised old skool (pre-Vatican II) Catholic and attended a boarding school where Latin was a required language course. But this is what truly caught my attention – attributed to Mother Goose circa 1695:

For every ailment under the sun
There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it;
If there be none, never mind it.

Brilliant. Succinct. Religiously neutral. Who could ask for more?

Did I mention that I have an unnatural attachment to water fowl?

Srsly. Can’t get better than this.

The Mother Goose

The Mother Goose

off topic: LOL!

From my buddy Stubert. Pure brilliance!

eta: I just discovered why I can’t seem to work modern technology and imbed a dang video here – apparently I’ve been trying to add stuff that’s not on the WordPress approved list. UGH. One day…

doctor horrible – percolating

As a fan grrl I am SO not worthy.

I didn’t get a chance [read: get around to] watching the groundbreaking Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog until Sunday night. At 10pm, practically minutes before it was no longer available for free.


I will work up a proper post, perhaps thought provoking, perhaps simple squee. Later. Got work. The kind I get paid for so my babies can refuse to eat my hard earned bread and I can have internet to download Whedon’s latest masterpiece from iTunes. More later.

doctor horrible – shopping…


Captain Hammer 😡

Srsly, who could resist this face? Certainly not yours truly. And apparently no other hot blooded female on this planet with access to the internet and a credit card.

Found the shopping link on and went to explore. Squee! I, too, could boast Nathan Fillion upon my breast. ((swoon)) That is, if I’d gotten there earlier when there was any stock available in the ladies sizes.


But, I can go with the flow and order a man’s size/shape instead. Which is likely for the best since I am still sporting a goodly portion of my post-pregnancy weight. Nevermind that my youngest is now closing the gap to his second birthday. UGH.

Anyhoo, I was having trouble deciding between a man’s small or large. Small would be for wearing outside the home in an attempt have the shirt fit my woman shape instead of looking like a punk ass teenager who raided daddy’s closet. Large would be for mostly in-home use, specifically sleeping. The problem with the small is that the collar is always too constricting and the sleeves poke out in a weird way. So I went with the large. With any luck it will arrive prior to San Diego Comic-Con so that I may sport my allegiance proudly. One of us… one of us…

And then I will finally get to sleep with Nathan Fillion. But at least this way my hubbin won’t mind.

Btw – if you haven’t done it yet, check out the FAQ. Frakin hilarious.

TiVo-licious: The Closer

Controlled Burn (Season 4, Episode 1)


The Closer

The Closer

At long last, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson & gang have returned to save me from reruns and reality TV. Thank heavens. And not a moment too soon since Battlestar Gallactica decided to hose us with yet another split season (srsly Sci-Fi channel – WTF???).


Worth the wait? Definitely. And not just for the fabulous trench coat she sports in the opening sequence. People, Billy Corelick (Jason O’Mara) is back. You heard me right, the seriously creepy pyromaniac serial killer from the 1st season (Fatal Retraction – Season 1, Episode 12) pops up at the latest crime scene which is [what else] – a raging brush fire in Griffith Park. ((shiver))


Much of the episode keeps him up front & in plain sight as the red herring until Brenda has her [irritating] clockwork 11th hour epiphany, which naturally leads us to the real killer. A bit clichéd, but doesn’t matter one whit. O’Mara is so delightfully disturbing, I was happy to follow the crew following him. Overall the episode registers somewhere in the middle of the scale for me.


What is the scale, you ask? Top of the scale is To Protect & to Serve (Season 2, Episode 5) – the only thing to come close to the pinnacle for me so far has been the interlude Serving the King (Season 2, Episodes 14 & 15). I’m not honestly sure where the bottom of the scale lies. Huh. I guess I’ll just have to go back and wade through my DVD collections of the first three seasons.


A sacrifice, to be sure.

doctor horrible – it’s here! it’s here! IT’S HERE!

[clearspring_widget title=”Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” wid=”4876179bb94ab3d9″ pid=”487ccc7b128f107e” width=”354″ height=”304″ domain=””]


Today July 15 Act 1 of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was released. O joyous day. Except for the fact that everyone and their pet Reaver is trying to get their fix and the site is crashing. A lot. I’ve been trying all morning and haven’t been able to get through.


But not to fear, iTunes is here! You can pay to see it on iTunes if you can’t wait for them to fix the free stuff.


The airing schedule is as follows:

July 15 – Act 1 (done!)

July 17 – Act 2

July 19 – Act 3


If you want them free you must get to them before July 20.


So sally forth and be a part of the problem. 😀 I will continue my efforts, righteously ignoring my day job and will post my fangrrl Squee when I am able.