Looks like I’m turning out to be the one post a week wonder. I hate that.


What I hate even more is the snail’s pace I’m crawling to get words on the page. I’m roughly half way through the book and the villain is laying down some law. It’s REALLY tough because I know how much rides on this sequence. I also know this is the DLD draft and I just need to really block this sucker in and move forward.


I have so much respect now for people who have finished novels, published or not. Even those who are published who’s work doesn’t do it for me. They finished and that is an accomplishment of biblical proportions. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that once I get through this scene, the rest is downhill. Ok that’s unrealistic. Maybe less uphill. I’ll take what I can get.


What also isn’t helping is that the last two days I’ve been running around researching and writing up notes on the next book. Yes the next book. I found a story (on accident, I swear!) for Tucker’s sidekick, Sydney, and it’s running around my head like a sorority house on Homecoming. I’m hoping to purge it a bit, so I can go back to where I need to be – Tucker.


But man, this next one is gonna ROCK!


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