wip: Tucker @ 22,252

So just shy of 1,000 words today. Didn’t finish the scene so will have to get back to it. With any luck it will fight me less tomorrow. It’s pretty pivotal and I find (strangely enough) those are the hardest.

I’ve been trying to bully my writing partner – let’s just call her “JB” – into doing her own blog. She’s actually published, erudite, and struggling with her own work in progress; she’s got more business being here than I do. Alas, she resists me. Something about no time due to raising her baby or some such nonsense.

So I’ve decided to do it for her.

To the right you’ll see a new box tracking the stats on her WIP. As I don’t actually have her permission to do this, I’m just using her initials now.

She’ll thank me later. Someday. Maybe…


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