wip: Tucker @ 18,946

Another day, another scene. Not too shabby, all things considered.


I had an epiphany while struggling to start this scene. Changed several key points that had been law up to this point. But the changes are going to make the plot much tighter and gives a real reason for the hero and heroine to have a falling out instead of the classic ‘misunderstanding-that-could-be-solved-easily-if-someone-would-just-man-up-and-pull-their-head-out-of-their-ass-and-ask-the-right-question’ scenario so popular in many romance novels.


Now more than ever I am fighting the urge to go back and rewrite the beginning. I mean if I’m this far in and finding new good stuff, I might as well make it to the end and see where I land so I only have to go back and fix it once.




Keep moving forward…


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